Thursday, May 19, 2011

Warped Tour 2011

After a brief stint of hospital visits, and a missed rockin concert, I’m back! :) 

So I missed The Asking Alexandria/ Emmure show in Lancaster. That’s ok! I’m gearing up to see Norma Jean and After the Burial on the 15th of May, and possibly another show on May 27th. But a definite go to this year is Warped Tour. The list of bands is long and the range of genres is pretty awesome this year. From alt-county/punk banks , folk/punk (whatever that is), it also includes metalcore, screamo, dubstep and all sorts of fun new genres that mix the best all of kinds of genres with metal. OH YES. So I have finally decided to download some new music. Don’t laugh, I grew up listening to Pantera and Slipknot, and hold them dear but I must keep up to date because there is so much talent out there. So the line-up includes Asking Alexandria (YES), The Devil Wears Prada (YES), Miss May I (YES), and We Came As Romans(YES).  Yes please, I will have all four in the same day for $36.

Now I have pressed “like” on facebook for these guys over a year ago but never REALLY listen to them: August Burns Red. Omfg they are fucking amazing. The genre Van’s Warped Tour as given them is Metal/Hardcore and I am fine with that. Apparently they are straight out of Lancaster, PA. Ha! It is amazing how much great music has been popping out of their local scene. I highly recommend “Meddler”(Amazing), “Truth of a Liar”, “Back Burner”, The Blinding Light”, “Consumer”, and “A Shot Below The Belt” (quite brutal-esque with a little Killswitch Engage influence on the side).  Just have a listen! It will be well worth your time. Don’t forget to check out “Barbarian” for the vocals are pretty great and EPIC guitars. Oh, BTW, “Composure”, “White Washed”, “Black Sheep” (a.k.a. omfg awesome) and “The Escape Artist” deserve a notable mention. It’s all fucking good and I can’t just pick out a few. Wow!!!!!!

The Acacia Strain= pretty fucking brutal. Warped Tour classifies these bad mofos as Metal/Hardcore. I think this combo of genres is probably one of the best. “Nightman” is pretty B.R.U.T.A.L. “Terminated” is unbelievably B.R.U.T.A.L. “The Carpathian” and “The Impaler” are fucking B.R.U.T.A.L. I’m not missing these guys!!  They are by far the most brutalist band on this tour which in my eyes equals the best!

A Day To Remember. My opinion: not feelin’ it

Motionless in White. Some songs are like Paramore mixed with something actually good. Lol! But I think “Immaculate Misconception” and “She Never Made It out of the Emergency Room” is good because the chick isn’t singing and it is more metalcore than teenybopper-sounding. I may try to download some more for it is hard to get a good idea after only three random songs. Maybe the chick doesn’t sing at all. Maybe it’s a dude! If so, then I think that would make it worse.  

Of Mice & Men: Pretty good

Abandon All Ships! Electicore? I dig techno. I grew up listening to the likes of Paul Oakenfold and the best-ever Dune. So it’s that mixed with hardcore? I’m down because either way, it is kinda cool. I recommend “Pedestrians Is another Word for Speed Bumps”, and “Geeving”.

July 26th better hurry up because I am ready for a full day of face-melting!