Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beneath the Sky

I apologize in advance, I am working on dial-up today so I’m not messing with too many links* I will edit it later :)

Their music is pretty tight, so where are they? I have no clue. I have really only listened to their most recent album “In Loving Memory”, but may favorite song on there is Blood & Separation. For that review I just have to say that I love it. There is nothing more. So here is a review of another great song on this album, Tears, Bones & Desire.

Tears, Bones & Desire by Beneath the Sky mixes various sub-genres of metal with plenty of breakdowns and a little sludge to go along. That real nice Lo-Fi is awesome. If you don’t like “singing” singing, it is minimal. So get over it for this one is pretty fucking sweet. 

Worth a listen.. I give 4 stars.

If you wanna listen, just look on my "current favs" playlist to your right.

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