Saturday, March 5, 2011

Morte et Dabo

What is it? AND what does it mean? Morte et Dabo has two different translations but they are quite similar. 1) Translated from Latin to English it means “Dead and gone”. 2) From French to English it means “Death, I will give you”. 

Morte et Dabo is a choir piece originally written by Tim Donahue

Asking Alexandria chose to use the original as a fairly epic intro and a calming outro. You are definitely going to need a calming down period after listening intently.

Then it gets intense. Like most other AA songs, there is a mix of vocals. What I like about this song is the notable addition of some black metal vocals. The lyrics are pretty good, it seems to be describing Lucifer destroying and tearing down heaven. “I’ll tear your eyes out of your self-righteous face” is one of my favorite lines the way it goes with the rest of the band. All in all this song is pretty brutal. I give it 4 stars.

As I look through the newest Country Living and Better Home & Garden, I am thinking to myself “how is this metal?”  I am running around tidying my house rocking Budweiser sleep pants and a Cypress Hill t-shirt blaring “Morte et Dabo” on the iPod. The I look in the mirror and discover I am wearing a diamond necklace and other bling-y items. HA! I Still Am Metal with a dose of reality on the side \m/

On to the next issue of being grown up and Metal, there are many, many awesome face-rocking concerts coming up. This leaves me with my biggest challenge of all: My Hubby. “Don’t bother coming home,” he says. What man wants his wife running around a moss pit or crushed up against a stage only to return home black and blue from the neck down? Certainly, not mine. Especially if he is soooo not metal. The closest to metal my husband gets is Hank III. (Don’t get me wrong Hank III is pretty tight.) So I think to myself, “is going to a concert really worth risking our marriage and our seven long years together? Normally no, but seven years later, abso-fucking-lutely.

I have come to this realization, if I, and am emphasizing I, am not happy, no one in my home is. I spent a good four years trying to force myself to listen to mainstream radio. How miserable is that? It was almost excruciating blocking out my metal. But I am not 16 anymore.

When I meet my little brother for the first time, about two years ago, my perspective changed. He is soooo Metal. That is when I learned that metal is in my genetics. Apparently my birthmom smoked cigarettes and rocked out to Black Sabbath whilst I was in the womb. Now that is Metal. Of course we know now that smoking during pregnancy is a big no-no. But Metal has been with me since the beginning.

Back to my point, I must always my Metal in my life. For it is my security blanket and oxygen all in one. That makes me happy.

If I am happy, the house is clean, laundry is done, diner is made and my garden is prettier than ever! I also noticed that I am more productive at work. So next time I want to go to a concert and my hubby responds in his usual way, I’m just going to go. But I WILL come home afterwards. After all, do you think he really means it? Would he feel a concert is that big of a deal to break up our marriage? I think not because bitching about it and breaking up over it are two totally different outcomes with one being way too extreme.

Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow suit.

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