Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking At Life

I was driving home yesterday and starting thinking how my life has turned out and how I thought it would turn out. I figured my life would be full of metal-ish thingies. Well let us break it down:

Home: How is my home metal? It’s an 1850’s log cabin that was/is infested with stink bugs. GROSS!  I know, but this has turned me into a ruthless killer…totally metal. It also gives me an excuse to blare The Devil Wears Prada newest Zombie EP. I like it because it makes me a badass with a vacuum! Home = Metal. 

Sig. Other: I assumed many, many moons ago my future hubby would be a metal head. How else would it work? Well, instead I married a total NON-metalhead. BUT as it turns out, my non-metal head hubby is a most awesome and badass GRAVEDIGGER. OH YES. Totally fucking metal. :)

Dogs: I always had dogs, but none have been as badass as my current babies. All three are rescued pitties. All three are crazy. And all three are sweet as can be. But you come in my house and I don’t want you there, my sweet little (big) babies will rip your fucking throat out :) That is totally fucking metal.

Work: Who knew I would actually wind up owning the daycare. How in the world is that metal? I can do it my way, when I want, whatever I want. Of course I won’t be as successful if I do that, so I have a nice happy medium. BUT it is nice to know I can be metal as fuck if the situation allows. That is pretty metal.

Car: My car is made of metal. Right now it is scrap metal, but just for a few more days. Once she’s back on the road, she will be the rockin’ metal machine again.

So all in all, no matter how much I used to bitch to myself (and the occasional person) about life not turning out how I wanted or how I expected, all I have to do is look at life in the right light. I Still Am Metal...bitches 

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