Sunday, March 27, 2011


BRUTAL!! Apparently last I heard they need a bass player. Excuses, I say! Awaiting the Crow is their debut album released in 2008. With songs like “Emo Grinder”, “Fetal Buffet”, and “Trust from the Barrel of a Shotgun” one must wonder to themselves... 

I personally wondered “Hell Fuckin Yeah!” But that’s because I Still Am Metal. This is the metal I grew to love. It’s raunchy with clean guitar solos, lots of Lo-Fi and awesome vocals. Some influences range from the likes of Testament, Cannibal Corpse, Eyehategod, and whatnot. Me likey all the above! 

My personal favorites from Awaiting the Crow are “Not Even Your Shadow Will Be Remembered” and “Not A Day Over Dead”(…SILENCE!!). I am highly anticipating their second album coming out. SO HURRY THE FUCK UP SANGUINUS, please. \m/

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